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You may or may not have been aware of their mask (hindsight gives vision) but disappearing means that for you, you have to drop the mask from your picture of them. PS I have a separate post coming up in a few days which addresses ghosting in dating.They haven’t gotten off scot-free– you can run but you can’t hide from your feelings and thoughts so life will find a way to bring the disappearing acts to the fore for resolution. It’s understandable to a degree when it first happens but it’s the untruths that will make you unhappy so don’t tell you that Mr or Miss Perfect disappeared and that it was all your fault or that if you’d been “enough” then you could have fixed their issues so that they wouldn’t disappear.

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I'm wondering if the box would be of interest to Mr Girdlestone and would be very grateful if you could either pass on my details or if you could put me in touch with Mr Gathorne himself.

Hi I have been collecting info over the years on one side of my family that came from north Norfolk, and came across your Salthouse site, and more importantly for me, the link to the Kelling School.

If you’ve been ghosted, what I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty is that it’s not about you; you did not deserve to be disappeared on.

It’s not about whether you’re “good enough” to be broken up with; it’s about that person’s own journey with conflict, criticism, rejection and disappointment.

A quick email -from Italy- to say thanks for the wonderful website. After doing a little research, we discovered that it formerly belonged to Charles Edward Ridgway Girdlestone.

I am Edward (Eddie) Jarvis, descended from Salthouse's miller, John Dewing Jarvis through his son Edward (and from then to two more Edwards and a Lawrence). My partner and I live in Holt and have acquired a beautiful c.1800 metal deed box with a brass plaque engraved rather elaborately with the name 'C. My research led me to your website where I noticed that a relative, Mr Gathorne Girdlestone of Kelling had posted a brief family history.

HESE MESSAGES are ones I have gratefully received and put up here for people who are interested to read and may be encouraged to send a message.

If you didn't want your message to be put here just say so, but do let me know you've visited!

I have since found out a lot more about them and they also appear in two stories on your website - one about the windmill and one by Pamela Hayward who remembered the sisters.

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